Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Week 2, checking IIN

So we've done Modules 1.1 and 1.2 by now, and it's also spring break for me as I presently work in a public school. Incidentally, I'm down with a bad cough that left me voiceless for 3 days(!), but now I have my voice back, albeit hoarse; hooray :) I've been trying to catch up with webinar open sessions and fundamentals, not to mention the OEF (online education forums)...and did two Health Histories. Yes yes I did :) I was nervous, but I am hoping it's getting better. We are constantly told to trust in the process, so I am trying. I still have 1 more Health History coming up, not to mention my first session with my health coach. So whoa whoa! Not to mention we're looking at a house that's up for lease, need to file our taxes, and I am considering LASIK in the summer. So many things to do. But you know what? I feel that in the middle of it all is my continuing education at Integrative Nutrition, giving me purpose. It does help that I got some raw vegan chocolates from a promo when I enrolled ;-)

In light of the recent catastrophes that have been occurring in Japan (an earthquake, a tsunami, and three nuclear reactor meltdowns), I was listening to a teleseminar by Dr. Christiane Northrup last night, and she talked about divine love-- that there is no room for emotions as that is human, but instead, action, or "a force to do good." In that light, I guess I can also link that to my future as a health coach-- divine love: doing good.


  1. Hope you feel better soon..Love your blog..Still so jealous about the chocolate...LOL...Way to go on your health histories...whoo hoo!!
    Lisa Torres

  2. Great blog Therese! I hope to start one one of these days...
    I'm 30 and finished college before the major technology shift so I'm a little intimidated but eager to put energy into learning. I just received the chocolates as well- yum! I look forward to connecting with you.
    Aleta Bassett

  3. Wait, how did you get chocolates?

  4. Thanks, ladies :) Aleta, you can totally do it! :) And yay, chocolates!

    Heather, I got the chocolates as I had signed up during the Spread the Love scholarship where the enrollee gets a box of raw vegan chocolates from urban goddess chocolates, a graduate of IIN.