Thursday, March 10, 2011

Week 1 of my education with IIN

So here we are in the first official week of IIN class of March 2011. I'm still in the job I do not like and am itching to get out of. I still don't have a job lined up after, not to mention that I'm sick and am not "allowed" to take sick days off because I've "taken too much time off," even if it was my wedding overseas.

I am, however, enrolled in a course that I am so enthusiastic about, throwing myself into it with such passion I haven't felt for something (barring my husband) in YEARS, like since I went to a nature camp when I was in junior year of high school (with diving, propagule-planting, bat cave-sightseeing, hiking, all in an island with no running water and solar panels!) and thought to myself, this is what I want to do. And here I am, with people I feel at home with, where I don't feel like a weirdo, where I feel I am safe. So hopefully that's a good sign. This course allows me to get through crappy days, and for that, I am grateful. We are asked what we want to do with this education, and for me, I'm kind of looking at moms and kids and/or people with hormone issues, because I had hormone problems and mild hypothyroidism and polycystic ovaries, not to mention asthma in turn affecting my allergies...yeah, LOTS. If/when this works, I want to to pair it with some form of healing exercise like yoga or something like bar method.

I still don't know where I'm going, but I'm trying with all my might.


  1. You'll get there, Therese. Over the course of the year you'll have a much clearer picture of what you are led to do and how to do it. Just keep it up!

  2. Good to connect. I understand what you are saying about your career. Keep blogging. It's a great creative thing....

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, gentlemen :)