Thursday, March 31, 2011

Week 3 and Week 4

Hi everybody!

Yikes, I was too busy last week to post, so before the month ends, let me slide with one! Incidentally, tomorrow is April Fool's, but I do not suffer fools, and this is not a prank post, promise.

Truth to tell, I had a gajillion webinars/etc to do today, some for IIN, some not. Not only am I enrolled in IIN, but I am going to try out green juicing sometime, I also signed up for Zrii care of Lorraine Miller, an IIN grad. I applied to be an affiliate at Gnosis Chocolate, I'm going to try Sunrider care of Jessica, a fellow classmate, and Shakeology from Shannon, another fellow classmate; on top of all the other IIN grads' websites/blogs I try to follow, my favorite so far being Nisha Moodley's, product maybe Arielle Fierman's. Now these are all great, but yeah, WHOA time and concentration and focus, and WHOA money! (On top of launching myself into doing these things for my betterment, my wallet's telling me to kinda give it a break, oops) I actually had to step away from the computer and regroup 'coz I was seriously stressing and getting upset. I just canceled doing the webinars tonight and I am going to take care of MYSELF, maybe even work out a little, mayhap have some Sunrider Fortune Delight, or try to finish Module 3, 'coz that's where we're at now, baby!

Don't get me wrong, all of these opportunities are blessings, but yeah, it is nice to breathe every now and then! I also think it adds to the frustration and upset that in trying to balance all these things, I forget some details, which gets me annoyed, and then it becomes a mini-mad and vicious cycle. So yeah, this is me at Week 4, still loving it, but I may take the rest of the night off for some self-care! I've submitted three health histories and done give or take 7, so I'm plodding along! I'm trying to catch up, but definitely need to do it one step at a time. Meanwhile, life goes on. As much as I'd like, I am not in a little IIN bubble, which is nice, too, I think, to see the more practical side to things, that we all have to do anyway, which is to balance our lives! So I had a dental appointment today (which may be a part of my stress and fatigue and general crappy state of mind), have a Tibetan yoga workshop this weekend to a studio I've never been to-- again, FUN, but also trepidation as I will be doing something totally new! I will meet the Houston IIN chapter on Sunday after the yoga workshop, I may see a friend tomorrow and another on Monday, which might mean less study time and less exercise time, and exercise is my de-stressor. So life goes on; just gotta roll with the punches. And if we drop one ball, I guess, nay, I hope, that we can pick it back up, that there is room for error and redemption.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Week 2, checking IIN

So we've done Modules 1.1 and 1.2 by now, and it's also spring break for me as I presently work in a public school. Incidentally, I'm down with a bad cough that left me voiceless for 3 days(!), but now I have my voice back, albeit hoarse; hooray :) I've been trying to catch up with webinar open sessions and fundamentals, not to mention the OEF (online education forums)...and did two Health Histories. Yes yes I did :) I was nervous, but I am hoping it's getting better. We are constantly told to trust in the process, so I am trying. I still have 1 more Health History coming up, not to mention my first session with my health coach. So whoa whoa! Not to mention we're looking at a house that's up for lease, need to file our taxes, and I am considering LASIK in the summer. So many things to do. But you know what? I feel that in the middle of it all is my continuing education at Integrative Nutrition, giving me purpose. It does help that I got some raw vegan chocolates from a promo when I enrolled ;-)

In light of the recent catastrophes that have been occurring in Japan (an earthquake, a tsunami, and three nuclear reactor meltdowns), I was listening to a teleseminar by Dr. Christiane Northrup last night, and she talked about divine love-- that there is no room for emotions as that is human, but instead, action, or "a force to do good." In that light, I guess I can also link that to my future as a health coach-- divine love: doing good.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Week 1 of my education with IIN

So here we are in the first official week of IIN class of March 2011. I'm still in the job I do not like and am itching to get out of. I still don't have a job lined up after, not to mention that I'm sick and am not "allowed" to take sick days off because I've "taken too much time off," even if it was my wedding overseas.

I am, however, enrolled in a course that I am so enthusiastic about, throwing myself into it with such passion I haven't felt for something (barring my husband) in YEARS, like since I went to a nature camp when I was in junior year of high school (with diving, propagule-planting, bat cave-sightseeing, hiking, all in an island with no running water and solar panels!) and thought to myself, this is what I want to do. And here I am, with people I feel at home with, where I don't feel like a weirdo, where I feel I am safe. So hopefully that's a good sign. This course allows me to get through crappy days, and for that, I am grateful. We are asked what we want to do with this education, and for me, I'm kind of looking at moms and kids and/or people with hormone issues, because I had hormone problems and mild hypothyroidism and polycystic ovaries, not to mention asthma in turn affecting my allergies...yeah, LOTS. If/when this works, I want to to pair it with some form of healing exercise like yoga or something like bar method.

I still don't know where I'm going, but I'm trying with all my might.