Monday, June 6, 2011

Name Dilemma

SOS! I have a big choice to make...

So I have set up my health coach biz name as Happy Healthy Life Now, which I hope isn't a mouthful! But I am also debating between Therese Totten or Trissa Totten as my online name presence: I actually grew up with Trissa and thought it a bit kiddie, but in institutions and paperwork, I am Therese. I will admit I thought the latter was the way to go when I was growing up, but I would find that name a but bulky and my tongue would often stumble around it, so now I'm thinking of going back to Trissa, which also comes out clearer, pronunciation-wise for me. But I am on paper Therese, yet I feel Trissa is more me. I am told the former is more professional, but most of my funky cool friends tell me to go for Trissa. Yet how to get used to Trissa? Or should I just stick with Therese? Hence my dilemma. All help and advice is appreciated.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Late Update for Weeks 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12

Sorry it's been a while since my last post. With my birthday and my mom and in-laws over and wrapping up work, and this past Friday, LASIK....let's just say it's been really busy. Let's keep it short this time around so I won't tax my lasered eyes.

The last call I had with my health coach was a bit harder than usual as it was my birthday, which meant I was out and with my Mom, so it was harder to focus! We talked about my insufficient hydration, then the juicy part was when we talked about me asking for money which was related to going out there and talking to people. I am terrified of doing that. Yes, I don't think I am not qualified enough yet, which is why on top of IIN, I am doing other programs and looking into some products. And she said by doing that, I am capable, and *I AM WORTHY AND VALUABLE.* But she also said I have to realize this, because if not, I will attract people who won't think I'm worthy and that they're not worthy, either. My assignment is to ask for things, which I hate to do! As I was mulling over this, I saw this blog post from my friend Cora Poage and thought it fit perfectly. Now to do it!

Week 13 rolls in tomorrow. With work done, I will have more time, yes, but to plan for wedding #3 (to the same man, promise!), for IIN and for other programs, etc. Woohoo, we can do this! I am grateful for this extra time: now to make use of it wisely. Oh, and I am grateful for my laptop being fixed this weekend, among other things. Woohoo! Now for more efficient work! Yes, it is ok to ask for things. I am worthy. I am important. I am valuable.