Monday, June 6, 2011

Name Dilemma

SOS! I have a big choice to make...

So I have set up my health coach biz name as Happy Healthy Life Now, which I hope isn't a mouthful! But I am also debating between Therese Totten or Trissa Totten as my online name presence: I actually grew up with Trissa and thought it a bit kiddie, but in institutions and paperwork, I am Therese. I will admit I thought the latter was the way to go when I was growing up, but I would find that name a but bulky and my tongue would often stumble around it, so now I'm thinking of going back to Trissa, which also comes out clearer, pronunciation-wise for me. But I am on paper Therese, yet I feel Trissa is more me. I am told the former is more professional, but most of my funky cool friends tell me to go for Trissa. Yet how to get used to Trissa? Or should I just stick with Therese? Hence my dilemma. All help and advice is appreciated.

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