Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Wow, has it been a month already? So sorry for the long silence again. So many changes! My husband and I got married again for the 3rd and FINAL (hopefully) time, so now we focus on our 20-week old fetus, right? Nope; we move to a different place this weekend, AND my husband leaves for an overnight business trip on Thursday! I have been trying my best to be more proactive than reactive (read: trying hard not to panic), and so far, I've been succeeding (yay)

On the baby front, the bump is definitely getting bigger, will try to get someone to take a picture of me..soon. 20 weeks is also the official halfway mark, so yay for that! We do not know if we are having a boy or girl yet, but we're working on that! I'm thinking of having a furry child in lieu of a rescued poodle sometime, too, though other friends who are parents are warning me against it. But I love dogs, and I miss having one, so we'll see. And of course after finding out the gender, we'll need to proceed to baby registries, which ARE fun, but also a whole new layer to this baby process. I AM grateful that so many people care for us, though, evidence in friends and family eager for this next phase. Ah, commercialism, ain't it grand.

On the IIN front, we are at Module 25, though I am still quite behind with my studies, what with wedding #3 and family visiting and now us moving, on top of preggo fatigue. Last week was also the IIN conference in NYC, which I was unfortunately unable to attend, what with our renewal of vows the week before, and family staying until last Sunday. You gotta take care of all the other stuff before embarking on the next thing, so this conference had to give for me.

On the blog front and my niche, with my pregnancy came some clarity but also some uncertainty: clarity on refining my niche but uncertainty on how to implement it with school and pregnancy and limited energy. However, after a conversation with a friend, I may have an action plan. So stay tuned, this blog may get a bit of an overhaul/rebirth sometime in the future!

For now, stay happy and healthy!

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